Our Kids are in Crisis… They Need Our Presence

Trigger warning…  our kids are in crisis and we are a big part of the problem. Not intentionally, but by being so caught up in the “shoulds’” the “suppose to’s” and the “keeping up withs”… and by not being present, because we never have enough time. Did you know that 1 in 3 High School […]

How to Get Yourself Back on Track

Have you ever gotten a panicked phone call from a friend or from your child? I was at the airport picking up my oldest son when my phone vibrates with a text, then it rings. It is my 16 year old, new driver son… hysterical. “Mom, the car broke down and I don’t know what […]

Why Are Healthy Boundaries Important

When women set boundaries, the reaction is often… reactive, “What a bitch!”. But, is being true to yourself and mindful of your time and energy being a “bitch”? Or, is the reaction from a lack of boundaries themselves?  When you understand the importance of boundaries and do your “inside work”, you can respect and honor […]

How Fear Increases Risk of Illness and How to Fix That

Would it surprise you to hear that stress lowers the immunes system and makes us more susceptible to illness… like Covid 19? We have heard how stress affects health from the news, from healthcare professionals, social media and research about what impacts health and longevity.  But, did you know that emotions like fear, shame and […]