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Transforming Tomorrow: How to Navigate Youth Mental Health Crisis and Cultivate Purpose

Young adults are increasingly engaged in protests and activism, reflecting a profound spiritual crisis in America. This crisis is evident in the rising rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues among college students and young adults. Many of them feel disconnected from themselves and lack a sense of purpose, leading to significant stress and emotional dysregulation. 

As a mom of young adults and teens, I see this first hand.  Professionally, as an adjunct professor,  I observe this in my students as the prevailing issues keeping them from the success they long for is anxiety, depression and overall fear and worry. They are so focused on achievement, doing “the right thing” and are easily influenced by other people’s thoughts, opinions as well as emotions. The underlying problem is they do not know or trust themselves. 

I have found two major types of “emotionally dysregulated” people: 

The AIRY/ Anxious Type

  • Constant motion, busyness and distraction
  • Prone to worry and anxiety as they lack grounding and self trust.
  • Impulsive and reactive- feel out of control and uncertain
  • Long to feel good, feel important and purposeful,. 
  • Seek connection, community- to be a part of something.

The FIERY/ Warrior type

  • Easily angered and irritated- prone to confrontation
  • Reactive and impulsive
  • Hate feeling powerless, unimportant or unheard
  • Can be overly emotional and irrational
  • Seek power and control, and justice, especially to “right wrongs”.

Both lack inner peace and look outside themselves for control, often getting caught up in battles they can’t win.

What we are observing in young adults and on campuses is the focus on trying to control others or change things occurring outside;  things they do not actually have control over.  This is when the ripple effect becomes increased anger, increased anxiety, and  hopelessness that impacts others and has a ripple effect of chaos and disconnection.

Listen to my Podcast Interview with youth mental health activist, 18 year-old Maya Tarantino for the youth perspective.

What can we do? 

To address this crisis, we must reconnect with our souls and become aware of when our egos lead us. The ego, driven by fear and control, must be balanced with soul connection, which brings peace and clarity. By regulating ourselves and finding inner calm, we can better understand our situations and connect with others, fostering peace and commonality.

My teachings focus on helping individuals, from adolescents to adults, reconnect with their souls to find calm, confidence, and connection in their lives. Change starts from within and ripples outward, creating a more harmonious, interconnected society.

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