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The Two Biggest Things That Block Our “Magic”

Did you know that everyone comes into the world full of magic?  Now, I am not talking Harry Potter or Fairy Godmother magic.  I am talking about intuition, inner wisdom, an openness to wonder and possibilities, and, yes, a connection to other dimensions and spirit.

I have heard so many parents say their child claims to “see” grandpa or “talked to grandpa” and grandpa died months or years ago.  This is the magic.  You see, a child, particularly a young child doesn’t question or judge or even fear what comes through.  It just is and they accept it to be true.  

Everyone comes in to the world with some intuitive gifts.  Mine were an ability to see energy and sense the needs or “goodness” of people.  I could receive messages from animals, spirits and was drawn, energetically, to nurture those in need.

I “knew” things, things adults felt I should not know.  This got me into some trouble as a child because I often challenged adults by stating what I knew or seeing behind the masks they wore.  My mother would tell me to “stop looking for attention” and “stop questioning things”.  I was challenged by adults to provide proof of what I knew or heard or saw.

This is when the spark of magic and passion begin to wane… around 8-10 years old, when we begin to feel pressured to conform to the norms of society and want to “please people”.  This is when we can often feel powerless and even a little lost on our path.  This is when we begin to close our third eye, or our connection to the magic inside.

What causes us to block our magic?  Two main things:  Fear and Trust.   We fear what we cannot logically understand and we question and have mistrust when we cannot explain, logically, a feeling, a thought or an inner guidance. 

Our left, logical brain become dominant as our society has stressed logic, facts, proof and science above intuition, experience and emotional, soul connection.  People who are right brain dominant are considered by society to be “flaky”, sensitive, emotional or even “woo-woo”.    The judgment, the labels, again, comes from fear. Fear of something they cannot explain.

I learned early on to have logic and “proof” to back up my intuitive sense and soul connected knowing.  I kept my gifts hidden as I did not want people to dismiss me as crazy or look at me like I was weird.  It was important to me to have the science, the logic and the credentials to back up anything I sensed, felt or intuited to be. 

Unfortunately, this fear caused me to rely more on my left brain, logic.  I did not always open to spiritual guidance or trust the intuition or inner knowing to guide me.  I questioned my gut and would overthink decisions to the point of spinning me up with anxiety, fear and self-judgment.

It wasn’t until my two middle sons were faced with serious health challenges that I fully opened to my intuition and spiritual connection.  I remember, when my son had a neonatal stroke and another son was diagnosed with leukemia, my logical, knowledge based nurse’s left brain could not wrap my head around what was going on.  It was as if God, the Universe or my guides shut off my connection to my left brain as I needed to fully open to my magic and connect to the intuitive messages of the challenge and of my mind, body and spirit.  I needed to connect, not on a detached, scientific level, but on a soul level to my kids.  This is how I reawakened to the magic inside. 

I remember the moment that affirmed my connection and helped me let go of my fear and trust in my own inner knowing. 

My third son was home from the hospital after several weeks of high dose, intensive chemotherapy.  I remember going up to his room after hearing him call for me.  I found my son staring blankly at the wall, repeating, “mommy”, “mommy”, but he was unable to hear me, sense me or interact with me.  It was like his soul had left the building of his body. 

My husband and I called the cancer center and rushed him back to the hospital.  On the way, I called my dear friend and spiritual mentor, Bonnie, who was with her friend and fellow medium, Michael.  They told me to ask the angels to be with my son and any and all hands that touch him, which I had already done.  They were going to do distance reiki on my son and see what messages they received.  I was open to anything and everything at this point.

Once we were in the hospital, Michael called me and said, “I am sorry honey.  There are too many angels around the baby for me to see him clearly.  I am so sorry.”

 I responded, “Why are you sorry? Of course, there are lots of angels, I asked them to be with him.”

Michael replied, “The only time I see these many angels is when they have come to take a soul.  I am so sorry.”

I KNEW, in my mother’s heart and soul that they were NOT taking my son.  They were there because I asked them to be.  My husband, hearing this exchange, told me to go sit in the corner and write to the angels, as this is how I get messages when they are deeply personal. 

Now, this is the moment that my intuition and inner knowing was affirmed.  The angels confirmed that, no, they were not there to take my son.  His soul chose to stay.  They were there because I asked them to be.  I told my husband this; my logical, science based, methodical, left brain dominant surgeon husband.  He breathed a sigh of relief and hugged me tight, saying, “Thank God.”  His implicit trust and love helped fuel me to open to my magic, my gifts and trust them to guide me.  He trusts them, so, why can’t I? 

This is one of many experiences that has truly reawakened me to the magic inside.  I still have moments of self-doubt and fear, but the fear is more about “What if I am wrong?”, particularly when working with clients.  But, the more I open to my intuition, my magic and my gifts, balancing my logical, pragmatic and grounded left brain with my intuitive, spirit connected and experiential right brain, the more I step fully into my personal power and can truly help people.

My mom now completely trusts me and my “freaky” knowing.  She and my family have seen it in action and have seen the results.  That is their “proof”.  Here is her own recent account of my “magic”.

In early May, I was having pains in my lower abdomen and feeling nauseous.  I have had diverticulitis in the past and this felt very similar.  I asked my daughter, Jennifer, to put her hand on where I felt the pain, to give me reiki.  She placed her hand on my lower abdomen and said she could see a very red and inflamed sigmoid colon.  When I got home I went to the doctor.  He instructed me to go the ER and get a CT scan of the abdomen.  The CT scan showed a very inflamed sigmoid colon as Jen had predicted.  Jennifer has a very special gift.

The more we open to the possibility that we have all we need inside us to lead us on our soul journey and help us navigate our life path, the more we begin to let go of our fear and trust in our own power to guide us. What I have learned through my own life challenges is:

1) I am not alone but have a plethora of spiritual guidance and inner strength. 

2) I have everything I need inside me to not just survive, but to thrive. 

3) All my magic and gifts are given to me to help others on their own path. 

Therefore, I want to help others awaken to their own magic and help them take back their power over their own health and wellbeing.

Be well,


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