Meet Jen


As a type A, high-achieving superwoman, I used to drive myself to exhaustion with several stress-related issue like anxiety, chronic migraine headaches and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

” I was a critical care nurse who prided myself on thriving in chaos.” 

I did not realize until much later, in my 30’s, that this “thriving” and “driving” to do everything, be everything, show up for everything and have everything was coming from a subconscious belief system to prove to myself and the world that I was enough. But it came with a price… my own health and happiness. 

I was driving my body and mind with the check engine light on… not having “time” to stop and see what I needed to reset, refuel, or spiritually “tune-up/ tune-in.”

I soon came to realize that I was in a constant state of fight or flight, or my nervous system was in sympathetic overload.  I had forgotten how to relax or take time to be kind to and care for myself!

With the birth of my first son, my drive to get “it” right and be a perfect mom just made my tight grip on control even tighter… and my stress level higher, but would I admit that… NO”

I was fine, everything was fine!  But inside, I was in survival mode, trying to keep up with all of my “supposed to’ dos and high expectations I perceived the world to have of me as a strong, capable, and independent woman.

It wasn’t until the birth of my second son that I learned that I did not have all the answers or any control over outcomes despite my best intentions and choices.  I realized that doctors, medicine, science, and all of my critical care nursing knowledge did not provide the answers or prepare me for life’s challenges. I needed to reclaim my power and embrace my intuition and my trust in myself to make the “right” decisions and reconnect with the strength and resiliency inside of me.

“My second son had a massive neonatal stroke an hour after he was born.”  

What I expected to be a normal birth, holding and bonding with my baby while getting visited by my family, was, instead, an experience of waking up to babies crying all around me, but my baby was seizing in the special care nursery, too unstable for me to hold.  This challenge taught me to take deep breaths, pause, and open to my intuition and inner knowing…the magic of the messages from my mind, body, and spirit.

It forced me to put aside the logic and the science, as they did not have all the answers for me and created a whirlwind of chaos and confusion from overthinking.  Instead, I was called to connect on a soul level with my tiny son as he was taken away to another hospital.  I allowed this life challenge to awaken me to my purpose. I opened to my magical soul guidance to lead me on the path to healing my son. 

 the messages In the Mess of this challenge awakened me to:

  • Open myself to the community and allow others to help me, as it will help me do what I can do best and prioritize my time, energy and attention.
  • Open myself to and trust my mind, body, and spirit messages to let me know what I need in the moment.
  • Balance my logical, science-based left brain with my intuitive, emotional, nurturing right brain to make the most empowered decisions.
  • Open me to the idea of my children as my greatest teachers.
  • Awareness of the gaps in healthcare and how to bridge these gaps holistically. paying attention to emotional and spiritual health and stress management.
  • Open me to recognize the power of connecting soul to soul and letting this connection lead the way.
  • Opened me to the realization that I am NOT in control of anything, anyone but myself, and I cannot control outcomes, only my thoughts, actions, reactions, and choices in the present moment.

The superwoman inside of me was further tested when my third son, the same day I found out my fourth child was going to be another boy, was diagnosed with leukemia. The good news is, I had all I needed inside me to help my son heal. I truly believe the Universe was offering me an opportunity to practice all I had learned from my previous challenges.   

I did Reiki energy work, guided imagery, and practiced mindfulness with my son daily.  He never had a mouth sore or the horrible side effects of chemotherapy.  I am happy to report that my son is now a healthy young man and over 15 years cancer-free.

Life has not been easy, as there has been constant chaos to navigate.  But, when I give myself permission to pause, take a breath, and reset my nervous system, I can then tune into the messages of my mind, body, and soul and understand what it is that I need in the moment- what it is I can and cannot control.  I have learned to find my center and the calm within the chaos of life.  I have transformed from feeling powerless to powerful as I look inside myself for the answers and the clarity I need to lead me to the best choices for me and my family in the present moment.

The search for being enough and having the “right” answers for my family lead me on a deep journey into:

  • Reiki
  • Holistic and Integrative Nutrition
  • Personal training
  • Neurocognition and brain health
  • Healing movement, Yoga, QiGong
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Dowsing and Muscle Testing
  • Medical and spiritual intuition
  • The Chakras and Energy Balance Systems
  • Guided imagery
  • Meditation
  • Educating Mindfully

I became a Whole Health Educator™ and patient advocate, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Karuna Reiki Master, and a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner and Educator. I now teach, speak, and offer courses and programs to help exhausted, overwhelmed, high-achieving superwomen self-regulate, find balance, and connect with themselves, their inner strength, and their resiliency. I am an author, speaker, Podcast Host, and Adjunct Professor at Endicott College School of Nursing, where I teach a course, “Holistic and Complementary Approaches to Health and Healing.”  Please get in touch with me to connect!

A Magical Mission

“My passion is helping high achieving women and mothers who are so busy showing up for others, they don’t have time to show up for themselves find balance in their lives.  I am a connector, helping bridge the gaps between science and intuition, between self-care and caring for others, between adults and children and between mental and physical health. My purpose is to help women and children find their power and awaken to the magic and power inside them.  The magic and power is found in their challenges and the connection to their mind, body and soul.  It is in the soul-aligned choices they make in the moment. This is how they transform from an exhausted and overwhelmed superwomen to a purposeful and balanced superwomen.  This is how they transform from feeling powerless to powerful.” – Jen Tolo

I’m grateful for everything I’ve been through, hard as it was.  I could alchemize these moments of pain and struggle into connection, clarity, power, and purpose.

Sometimes, it takes moments of pain, challenges, and darkness to truly reconnect to inner strength, resiliency, hope, and an openness to possibilities. For me, it was the love, passion, and desire to help heal my children that allowed me to open to the messages and the soul guidance within the chaos. I opened to the wonder, connection to spirit, and to energy that I had previously closed myself off to.

The logical mind and knowledge help ground and anchor us, but without allowing the integration of the intuitive, emotional, and soul connection of the right brain and third eye, we can limit our capacity to heal, grow, and connect to our higher self.  This is a vast intelligence that so many people forget how to access but allows us to be our best selves.

In life, it’s easy to get caught up in a distracted stress spin and block ourselves from being truly present in our lives. We close ourselves off from the joy, connection and support of others as we are often stuck in the past or focused on the future.  what we need to recognize is our greatest power is in the present moment… the right here, right now. 

Here’s what I believe:

🌟We have all we need inside of us to thrive.

🌟Only YOU know what is the “right thing” for YOU.

🌟Stress and hidden stressors are the root causes of mental and physical health challenges.  When we become aware of these stressors, we can better manage the stressors and begin to take back our power over our health and happiness.

🌟You can do hard things, and you never know what you are capable of until you face it.

🌟The most extraordinary transformation comes when we have the courage to be uncomfortable and embrace uncertainty.

🌟You and only YOU are responsible for your own health and happiness.

🌟Your choices in the present moment are your GREATEST superpower.

 You are NOT alone, but it can sometimes feel that way.  You can reach out and connect… support is a click away.

When I learned how to Pause, Reset my nervous system, mindset, and belief systems, and Connect with myself, my needs, and what I was truly in control over, I was able to let go of so many things that robbed me of joy, of energy, and of time.  This is how I took back my power over my health, happiness, and life.  My passion and purpose is teaching other women like me how to do this too, one thought, one action, one choice and one moment at a time🦋


Bernie Siegel MD, Author of Magic, Mudpies and Miracles, Faith, Love and Healing and Magical Openings

Jen is full of practical wisdom and soulfulness. She brings out the best in her guests (people) when she interviews and verbally interacts with them. Like the butterfly, she helps us all to transform our lives by freeing ourselves from the cocoon of expectations.

Group and Life Coaching Client

"This program is powerful if you’re ready to dig deep and find out what’s holding you back. Jen’s supportive guidance and intuitive understanding helped me peel the layers of deep-rooted belief systems and stories that I tell myself, encouraging me to questioning, is it true? This program helped me realize, perhaps, there is another perspective that needs consideration. I have learned to be more mindful, less reactive, and to start to let go of what doesn’t serve me. I feel more empowered to take back control over what I can control… me. The rewards of this program are true inner peace, more harmony in my life and finally starting to reconnect to the joy of living. I have done several other programs to bring me more inner peace, and I highly recommend Jen’s Calm in the Chaos Program if you want to go a little deeper and connect to your soul’s desire and purpose."

Life Coaching Client

“I've worked with Jen in small group settings and 1:1 sessions for the last 4 years. Each time Jen brings her natural gifts to the session. She provides a safe space to explore challenges and areas for growth. Jen's work has helped me see ways that I can grow and improve and use my power to make changes in my life. Jen can call on habits and patterns that are no longer useful in my life. She offers meditations, visualizations, energy work, and useful discussion that have helped me explore my challenges and create new routines and rituals to bring me peace and happiness. I always feel calmer and more connected to myself after a session with Jen. She helped me see that I have the answers inside myself.”

Life Coaching Client

"After just two months of working with Jen, I feel more like myself. I am getting my confidence back and feel so much lighter as I am finally unloading all the crap that was weighing me down. Working with Jen has allowed me space and time to spend on myself, looking at why I do what I do and the beliefs and habits that were keeping me from enjoying my life. "

Life Coaching Client

"I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogren’s disease. I knew I had to take charge of my health to help heal my body. From our very first meeting, Jen gently led me through the daunting task of discovering the root cause of flare ups and my main stressors. Now I know what triggers a “flare up” diet wise, mentally and emotionally. She helped me manage the stresses of being a mother of 3 young children. I don’t stumble as much when it comes to my life/health balance. I now believe our bodies, minds and spirits need TLC to work properly and, thanks to Jen, that reminder is part of my daily life."

Life Coaching Client

"Jen is a unique healer and practitioner. She has the incredible ability to integrate the most helpful elements of both Western medicine and alternative health care wisdom. Jen supported me and intuitively understood what I needed on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. With her guidance, I learned how to make changes in multiple areas such as nutrition, self-care and exercise. I lowered my blood pressure and reducedmy anxiety where I am no longer waiting for the panic attack, or what she calls “a spin” to occur. I feel better connected to my husband and kids and can take time for myself without the guilt. Jen also helped me to deepen my trust in my innate spirituality. I highly recommend reaching out to Jen if you are looking to deepen your experience of life and reconnect to your highest self. She is a gem and has the ability to support and accompany you on your individual journey."

Life Coaching Client

“Jen has an amazing gift for intuitively tapping into the most effective methods for helping you heal. She identified an underlying cause of some health issues that had bothered me for years, knew what I needed, and put me on the road to recovery...I have seen immense improvement in every aspect of my health and wellbeing. She helped me find my voice and set much needed boundaries. She helped me use realistic stress management tools for my busy life. Now, I have much better digestion, work-life balance and feel calmer and more present in my life.”