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How is Your Relationship With Time a Hidden Stressor?

Have you ever worked really hard at something, wanting and hoping for a certain outcome, only to get frustrated because it wasn’t happening or didn’t work out like you hoped?

I just had this conversation with my oldest son about his frustrations with all of his “hard work” and sacrifices getting to a point where he was becoming discouraged.

He was feeling the challenges, the “work” part of his life and wondering where and when that hard work would pay off.

He has had several opportunities come across his path, many that did not spark him, or feel like they were the right fit.  Although he has work that is paying the bills, it is not somewhere he seems himself long term as he doesn’t have much work/ life balance.

Hello, welcome to “adulting” my son!  No one said it was easy.

This led to a conversation about patience and Divine Timing.

I can just hear my mother’s voice now, reminding me… “Patience is a Virtue!”  As a ”seasoned” adult, I understand this, but it is a virtue carefully and consciously cultivated.

As a society focused on outcomes and instant gratification, this is not our strong point, but, boy, does the Universe love to present us with this lesson and reminder when we think we are the ones in control!

Have you ever heard the term, “Good things happen to those who wait?”

“The Wait”

Well, one thing I have learned is that things don’t happen on my time frame, but on Divine time.

We can only control what we do, how we think, act and react in the present moment.  Yet, so many of us try to control the future, outcomes and even the actions of others.  THIS is what creates stress and dis-ease in our lives.  Because we are trying to control things NOT within our control and attaching to outcomes yet to be determined. 

As my son lamented about not hearing back from a few companies he had interviews and networking calls with, I reminded him of this.  I reminded him that he has done all the right things, taken advantage of doLearn more here ! Let’s chat! ors opened, opportunities presented to him and did his “work”.  But, he has no idea what is going on behind the scenes.  

When we can learn to let go of outcomes, expectations and trust in Divine Timing, when things do happen they are all the more beautiful, easeful and in the flow of our life. 

✨If it is meant to be, it will be.✨

The stressor is the tight grip of control we try to have on our life and the direction it goes.  Sometimes, this is not the direction, the path that we are meant to go.  What if, maybe, just maybe, there is something even better ahead for us that we do not even know about.  

One that is in alignment with our soul and our purpose.

So, how can You let go and trust in Divine timing more?

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