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Our Kids are in Crisis… They Need Our Presence

Trigger warning…  our kids are in crisis and we are a big part of the problem.

Not intentionally, but by being so caught up in the “shoulds’” the “suppose to’s” and the “keeping up withs”… and by not being present, because we never have enough time.

Did you know that 1 in 3 High School students in the U.S. reported experiencing the feeling of sadness and hopelessness in 2019,  even before the COVID 19 Pandemic?

How do you think they are doing now?

According to the latest research from Health and Human Services, there has been a significant increase in kids with mental health challenges since 2016, with an increase of 29% of kids reporting anxiety and a 27% increase in kids with depression.  There has been a 21% increase in kids with behavioral or conduct disorders. There has been an increase in suicide rates in Young adults, ages 18+, while a slight decrease in teen suicide rates according to NIH.

Is this just a problem with kids and young adults?

No, as the study reveals an increase in adults reporting more stress and mental health challenges leading to difficulty meeting the demands of parenting. Let’s face it, although many of us do not want to admit that we are stressed and need help… our kids, our family systems are in crisis, especially Post COVID 19 Pandemic.

Now, we don’t need these studies to tell us this, as we see this in our own lives… I know I do, both personally and professionally.

I posted a video on my page after hearing my students (I teach at a local college) present their personal case studies where they take a health issue they are dealing with and approach it from a holistic and complementary health approach.  I have been teaching for two years now and 75% of my student’s presentations are on either Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Depression.   

This year, what struck me was the number of students who, in discussing the “root cause” mentioned their parents.  It was either parents that were overly critical and demanding, parent’s that micromanaged (one of which wrote me an email regarding her 20 y/o daughter’s upset over a grade!) or parents that were “never home” and when they were, were “too busy for me”.  

We are all doing the best we can in the moment, with what tools we have and… what energy we have left after trying to keep our lips above water when we feel like we are drowning.  We can do better.  We just may need some better tools and better awareness and connection.

This is why I created the Power in Now masterclass and why I have the Stress S.O.S online course.   Because, whether or not we want to admit it, so many of us need to learn how to pause and be more present and connected to our life, if not for ourselves, then for our children.

I have absolutely been there, but it was my desire to be more present, more proactive versus reactive and my “awakening” to the absolute importance of connecting with my kids that made me learn how to hit the pause button, reset my nervous system and connect. 

I realized I had to first connect with myself and what I needed in the moment before I could really connect with my kids, my work and my purpose.   Once I connected with myself, I was able to really become more present in my life, and in my kids lives and was better able to understand them and what they need to thrive.  Then, I could help them navigate and learn to understand themselves and what their needs were to empower them in their own lives.  

I can help you do this too. 

If you would like to find a way to be more present and connected in your life, for your kids, sign up for a FREE Clarity Call now.  

We are all in this together and we CAN do better, be better and create a better world for our kids.  Are you with me?

Let’s do this!

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