Do You Have a Spirit Animal? The Magic in the Messages

Have you ever had a mystical experience coming into contact with an animal, or seen the same series of numbers (11:11?), or felt an inkling that you were getting a message from beyond the bounds of everyday life? I have taught my boys to always look for the magic in the messages.  Every experience, every […]

Are You In Halloween Heaven or Halloween Hell?

Ok, as you know, I am all about perspective, positivity and all, but… I am about to reveal a shadow side of me. I am not a fan of Halloween! I cringe as October rolls around anticipating, (not being mindful in the least), the battle starting to ensue with my kids over costumes, candy and trick […]

Magic of Overcoming Self-Doubt and Allowing Things to Unfold.

Have you ever had a strange and unexplainable thing happen, or a hunch that a loved one who passed was trying to send you a message?  I have heard people say birds, particularly cardinals, have followed them and they believed them to be their loved one who passed.  Animals seem to be readily accepted spirit […]