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Find Calm In The Chaos

Do you crave more peace, more relaxation and joy?

Do You find yourself always trying to please others?

Are you a perfectionist?

Inside Out Healing

“I’m fine, It’s Fine, Everything is fine”… but is it?

Everything is great, feels great but you are still finding yourself spun up by things.

Do you feel like something is missing from your life?


This is an introductory level course for those mom’s/ Parent’s or women who are overwhelmed,
headed for or in burnout as they have been stuck in survival mode.

You know something needs to change but have no idea where to start.

Are you exhausted, anxious, maybe even depressed?
Are you caught in a stress spin?
Do you feel always on edge?…

Do you feel like you can never catch a break… something is always going wrong?
Do You feel like you are always snapping at people, especially your kids

This program will teach you how to:

1) Be aware of when they are in or about to be in a stress spin.

2) PAUSE and Reset the stress response so you can have more moments of joy.

3) Calm the nervous system so they can think clearly.

4) Develop a deeper and more connected relationship with your spouse or partner.

Course Includes:

4 Modules, 8 videos

Downloadable Worksheets

Meditations and Exercises

Complimentary 30 minute Coaching call at the end

“After a few weeks working with Jen, I find I am a little calmer. My friends have notices this. I am learning to pause more and just breath instead of jumping into the worst case scenario.”

Jessica, working mom of 2

A Magical Mission

“My passion is helping overwhelmed moms of kids with special challenges awaken to the magic and power inside them by learning to pause and connect with their magic. The magic is found in their challenges and the connection to their mind, body and soul.  This is how they transform from feeling powerless to powerful.” – Jen Tolo

I’m grateful for everything I’ve been through, hard as it was.  It is these moments of pain and struggle that I could alchemize into magic, power, and purpose.

Sometimes it takes moments of pain and challenges, moments of darkness, to truly reconnect to the magical spark, the hope and the openness to possibilities. For me, it was the love, the passion and desire to help heal my children that allowed me to open to the magic in the messages inside. I opened to the wonder, connection to spirit, and to energy that I had previously closed myself off to.

The logical mind and knowledge helps ground and anchor us but, without allowing the integration of the intuitive, emotional and soul connection of the right brain and third eye, we can limit our capacity to heal, grow, and connect to our higher self.  This is a vast intelligence that doesn’t speak in words.

In life it’s easy to get caught up in a distracted spin and block ourselves from hope and possibilities. We close ourselves off from the magic of miracles and messages of our highest selves. We can block ourselves from allowing our intuition, our soul connections and inner knowing from lighting our way with purpose, positivity and power.

Here’s what I believe:

I was gifted with these kids and these experiences because they WOKE ME UP to the magic inside me and to who I’m meant to be.

I was meant to go through all this so that I can help kids around the world, and their parents, no matter what you’re facing.

Children come into this world full of magic, wonder and wisdom.

Children need adults who will help them keep the magical flame inside them fueled. 

Adults need the children to reignite the spark of hope, possibilities and purpose inside them.

My children are my lights, my teachers. They fuel the magical flames of wonder, growth, passion and purpose inside of me.  By helping to fan the flames of passion, purpose and soul connection inside of them, I fuel my own.

My mission is to create a world that honors the spark, the light and the magic of intuition, mind, body and soul connection, creativity and wonder.

Changing the world for our children starts with YOU, the adults who shape the world our children are growing into.

You can’t help your children until you help yourself first.

You CAN awaken to the magic and miracles inside you and allow this internal flame to light your path and illuminate the darkness for others. Let your light shine and spark others. Then, the world becomes a magical place.

Caroline Fedorowich
Inside Out Healing Participant

"This program is powerful if you’re ready to dig deep and find out what’s holding you back. Jen’s supportive guidance and intuitive understanding helped me peel the layers of deep-rooted belief systems and stories that I tell myself, encouraging me to questioning, is it true? This program helped me realize, perhaps, there is another perspective that needs consideration. I have learned to be more mindful, less reactive, and to start to let go of what doesn’t serve me. I feel more empowered to take back control over what I can control… me. The rewards of this program are true inner peace, more harmony in my life and finally starting to reconnect to the joy of living. I have done several other programs to bring me more inner peace, and I highly recommend Jen’s Inside Out Healer Program if you want to go a little deeper and connect to your soul’s desire and purpose."

Shoshy Starr
Integrative Life Reset Coaching

“I've worked with Jen in small group settings and 1:1 sessions for the last 4 years. Each time Jen brings her natural gifts to the session. She provides a safe space to explore challenges and areas for growth. Jen's work has helped me see ways that I can grow and improve and use my power to make changes in my life. Jen can call on habits and patterns that are no longer useful in my life. She offers meditations, visualizations, energy work, and useful discussion that have helped me explore my challenges and create new routines and rituals to bring me peace and happiness. I always feel calmer and more connected to myself after a session with Jen. She helped me see that I have the answers inside myself.”

Life Reset Coaching Client

"Working with Jen has really helped me get over that last hurdle to truly feeling well. It is amazing how much better my cravings and my energy are when I have small snacks during the day. Just this little tip and change ha made a huge difference in how I feel. She helped me really become aware of my body's needs and messages."

Chrissie Twombly
Integrated Life Reset Client

"I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogren’s disease. I knew I had to take charge of my health to help heal my body. From our very first meeting, Jen gently led me through the daunting task of discovering the root cause of flare ups and my main stressors. Now I know what triggers a “flare up” diet wise, mentally and emotionally. She helped me manage the stresses of being a mother of 3 young children. I don’t stumble as much when it comes to my life/health balance. I now believe our bodies, minds and spirits need TLC to work properly and, thanks to Jen, that reminder is part of my daily life."

Sara Roizen
Life Reset Coaching Client

"Jen is a unique healer and practitioner. She has the incredible ability to integrate the most helpful elements of both Western medicine and alternative health care wisdom. Jen supported me and intuitively understood what I needed on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. With her guidance, I learned how to make changes in multiple areas such as nutrition, self-care and exercise. I lowered my blood pressure and reducedmy anxiety where I am no longer waiting for the panic attack, or what she calls “a spin” to occur. I feel better connected to my husband and kids and can take time for myself without the guilt. Jen also helped me to deepen my trust in my innate spirituality. I highly recommend reaching out to Jen if you are looking to deepen your experience of life and reconnect to your highest self. She is a gem and has the ability to support and accompany you on your individual journey."

Life Reset Coaching Client

“Jen has an amazing gift for intuitively tapping into the most effective methods for helping you heal. She identified an underlying cause of some health issues that had bothered me for years, knew what I needed, and put me on the road to recovery...I have seen immense improvement in every aspect of my health and wellbeing. She helped me find my voice and set much needed boundaries. She helped me use realistic stress management tools for my busy life. Now, I have much better digestion, work-life balance and feel calmer and more present in my life.”