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This is an introductory level course for those mom’s/ Parent’s or women who are overwhelmed,
headed for or in burnout as they have been stuck in survival mode.

You know something needs to change but have no idea where to start.

Are you exhausted, anxious, maybe even depressed?
Are you caught in a stress spin?
Do you feel always on edge?…

Do you feel like you can never catch a break… something is always going wrong?
Do You feel like you are always snapping at people, especially your kids

This program will teach you how to:

1) Be aware of when they are in or about to be in a stress spin.

2) PAUSE and Reset the stress response so you can have more moments of joy.

3) Calm the nervous system so they can think clearly.

4) Develop a deeper and more connected relationship with your spouse or partner.

Course Includes:

4 Modules, 8 videos

Downloadable Worksheets

Meditations and Exercises

Complimentary 30 minute Coaching call at the end

“After a few weeks working with Jen, I find I am a little calmer. My friends have notices this. I am learning to pause more and just breath instead of jumping into the worst case scenario.”

-Jessica, working mom of 2


Do you find yourself looking to others to tell you what you need, what is right for you and what to do?

This course is for the parent, mom or woman who is in the “pleasing others” or “perfectionist” trap. You have some awareness around self-care strategies, but you continue to get caught in either the worry cycle, or the keeping up with the demands of society.

This program will teach you:

  • How to tackle anxiety when overwhelmed by uncertainty.
  • The 1-2-3, A, B, C’s of connecting to your own truth.
  • How to go from being triggered to more ease and flow.

Do you get anxious or overwhelmed by uncertainty?

Do you want to be less reactive and more responsive, less triggered and more able to “go with the flow”?

If you are looking to take back your power over your life and find more moments of calm, even when life is chaotic, this course is for you.

Course Includes:

6 Video Modules

Downloadable Worksheets

Meditations and Exercises

2 Group Coaching Calls

1 Private Coaching Call

Private Facebook Group



This course is a deeper dive into WHY you do what you do and react the way you do. Life is full of unknowns, curve balls and stressors.

This is a course of deep self- reflection (with support and guidance), so you can start to become aware of habits, patterns, belief systems that drive your thoughts, actions and reactions. Then, with the awareness, we will begin to change and shift the way you think, talk to self, and react to
the world around you.

This program will teach you:

  • How to self- reflect without judgment or attachment.
  • How to let go so you can learn to trust that the answers you seek are within you.
  • How to connect with your masculine and feminine energies to take back power over your

Course Includes:

8 Video Modules

Downloadable Worksheets

Mindful Living Journal

Mediations and Exercises

8 Group Coaching Calls

2 Private Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group


“Jennifer has been instrumental in helping me cope with chronic health issues and has helped turn an existence of surviving into one of thriving. I was provided with many ideas and lessons that have not only helped me understand and deal with my various physical symptoms, but also granted me a profound awareness of the interconnectedness between mind and body—a gift I feel is far more valuable than a simple pill or concoction I could take to “solve” my symptoms.

1. I’ve realized that we can control a lot more than we think we can, but it starts with self.
2. I’ve definitely changed my diet for the better.
3. I’ve better understood the limitations of modern medicine and my own role in health and healing.
4. My outlook and perspective on hardship has changed for the better. Now I look for the lesson and opportunity to grow.

- Krishan Guzzo, age 20

UPGRADE to Jen’s Mastermind Program

For people wanting more personalized and customized approach with ongoing support!
This is a yearlong program including:

  • Monthly group calls
  • Bi monthly 1:1 Sessions with Jen
  • Bi-annual Retreats
  • Customized Guided Meditations
  • Customized worksheets and journaling prompts.
  • Private Facebook Group for team building and support
  • Ongoing support and Intuitive Spiritual Development and connection

About Jen

Your Spiritual Guide and Coach: Jen’s passion is to help mothers and children dealing with invisible disabilities navigate through the anxiety and stress of their daily lives so they can live a life of hope and happiness, trusting their own guidance.  As a critical care nurse, her life path dramatically changed after her second son had a massive stroke at birth and her third son was diagnosed with Leukemia. Now, Jennifer is on a mission to help other mothers and children with invisible disabilities calm their nervous systems and become more stress resilient so they can feel empowered by hope and choices to lead healthier, happier lives. She has been helping women and children connect to the power of their choices and how they impact health and happiness in her 15+ years teaching and speaking to parents, educators, students, and healthcare professionals. Jennifer is an Amazon bestselling author, speaker and the owner of Butterfly Family Wellness. Jennifer is an Adjunct professor at Endicott College School of Nursing where she teaches “Holistic and Complementary Approaches to Health and Healing”.

No matter where you are on your journey, Jen will be there to support you on your path. Whether you are in survival mode and hiding in the bathroom to catch your breath, or you feel like you are in control most of the time with the unexpected “rogue wave” or one more major challenges causing you to stumble a bit, there is a course and program to support you and help you thrive.

So if you want to reawaken to the magic and beauty of your life and are ready to do the work so you can find some more freedom, ease and flow in your life, pick which course fits where you are on your journey right now.